Saturday, October 11, 2008

Great to have the win and all...

Why the hell was Stralman benched?

Actually, that's a bad question. He had a mediocre camp on a team with enough defensemen to fill out most of a forward corps. Wilson wanted the Leafs to see a winning team celebrate victory, to instill hunger and drive into his guys to carry into the future. Stralman being there was important.

The better question is, why wasn't he sent down to the Marlies afterwards to play 25+ minutes and prevent them losing to Binghampton last night?

He needs work, it's true, but I'd honestly rather see him traded to Montreal than have him twiddling his thumbs in various stadiums. Stralman doesn't have to clear waivers, if he's not going to be playing for the Leafs then he needs to be playing somewhere.

If Schenn is being sent down after 9 games that still doesn't leave an opening for Anton, as Finger should be returning from IR soon. I'm assuming that since Stralman hasn't been sent down that the coaching staff isn't anticipating him missing many games. So who sits? Van Ryn? Colaiacovo? Do we alternate Swedes?

Or is a deal imminent in the next few days?


PPP said...

There will definitely be some moves to open up a spot on the team for Stralman. He doesn't have to clear waivers so it doesn't make sense to keep him up unless that is the plan.

Van Ryn's looked good and teams are starting to get injuries.

eyebleaf said...

I want to see him play too, and I'm sure Wilson will eventually get him into the lineup. Probably after a loss. But, at the same time, intense competition for a roster spot is never a bad thing.