Sunday, October 12, 2008

Wilson Speaks: Game 2

Full interview found here:

"I think, had we scored on one of those couple of great chances we had... it's important for us to feel good about themselves in the first half of the game..."

Absolutely agreed, but that's a pretty weak point to call up against. He does say that we played poorly defensively to allow two early goals, and then took too many minors and got killed by their power play.

Now, "Mad" (Idiot, Jackass, Loudmouth) Mike Milbury pointed out on CBC that things turned "ugly" with some troglodyte reporter asking this question:

"Do you think it's just a matter of some of your defensemen getting used to the speed of the NHL?"

By which he means Frogren and Schenn, giving the coach an easy outlet for excuse making. Of course this is a ridiculous question, both players played over 20 minutes and while they didn't play the greatest game in the world neither could or should have the game result pinned on them. But hey, any excuse to gang up on a young rookie, right Toronto media?

I'm glad Wilson gave that guy a hard time, I'm tired of the media here asking loaded questions in an effort to hear what they want to hear in order to easier facilitate them writing the same damn article they always write. I'm also sick of these people asking questions that seem like they were watching a different game than the rest of us.

In regards to penalty killing:

"... they picked us apart just like we'd diagrammed on the board, so obviously we need a lot more attention to detail or I have to decide that other guys kill penalties"

Please. Mitchell and Kubina combined to allow a goal, and it's pretty obvious that some of our guys aren't living up to their billing in that position.

"It's probably an adjustment for some people to step up and have to play like veterans, when they've maybe been able to go out there and not be counted upon..."

Stajan, Poni, Van Ryn, I'm looking at you. Blake gets a pass because I never really expected him to step into a leadership role.

Also, Hollweg is going to be in the lineup most assuredly, and he'll "add some physicality" which I guess means he'll board a lot of people and we'll hope that our lazy slackers will start boarding people too. I wonder who gets left out, my money's on Mitchell though after that brutal high stick.

Also, Stralman will be in the lineup on Monday, yes Ron?

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